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Systems Integration Support

2018-04-22 USD 100 1000000 Contract 2018-05-22
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    System Integrator
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Title: Systems Integration Support
Location: Chantilly, VA

Job Description: Systems Integrator is responsible for bringing together discrete systems while maintaining the integrity and functionality of the component systems. Functions include, but are not limited to, defining requirements architecture and interfaces, verifying internal and external interfaces, planning, implementing, testing and maintaining systems solutions, and supporting risk management. Systems

Integrators provide a total systems perspective, including a technical understanding of relationships, dependencies and requirements of components, end-to-end project management support of the life cycle, and recommendations and evaluations on systems strategies. 


  • The Contractor shall provide systems integration support for the Sponsor component(s), to include integrated portfolio support of projects, programs and technologies; developing and maintaining project and data management plans for the Sponsor's overall IT system(s); and integrating data feeds into the IT system from a variety of source systems on multiple networks (i.e., commercial and government data feeds at a variety of classification levels). The Contractor shall assist the Sponsor in managing new and existing programs, segments, or phases; and shall support the Sponsor in assessing technical plans, guiding implementation activities, and defining program phases, sequencing, and required deliverables for the Sponsor's systems. The Contractor shall support the Sponsor in the creation of proofs-of-concept for practical, maintainable, and reliable solutions for Sponsor projects, and shall perform trade-off studies as needed. The Contractor shall provide consultation for the engineering, integration, and deployment of proofs-of-concept, and shall support the completion of accreditation documentation, testing, and coordination, to include functional, system, and security test plans for all releases and ensuring IT system compliance with Federal and IC standards and directives.
  • The Contractor shall support the integration of tools and/or IC systems, to include disaster recovery and backup, geospatial tools, Cross Domain solutions, data management, and end-to-end performance evaluation. The Contractor shall provide testing and modeling support in technology areas as defined by the Sponsor, and shall develop and codify methods to improve the integration of Sponsor projects. The Contractor shall coordinate the migration of accessible technologies across multiple organizations, and support the integration of assistive technologies into an enterprise environment.
  • The Contractor shall support technology transition, to include identifying technologies currently used within the infrastructure that are transitioning between technology life-cycle phases, and shall support the Sponsor component in assessing new and emerging technology. The Contractor shall provide recommendations on the next technology phase and engineering analysis of infrastructure architecture objectives impacted by emerging technologies, and shall assist the Sponsor in identifying and defining the scope of duplicate applications, tools, and databases across components, and in developing requirements for improvement or replacement.


Required Qualifications:

Subcontractor personnel at all skill levels shall have the following education, experience, and skills:
• A degree (or equivalent experience) in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, or a scientific or technical discipline
• Ability to fully coordinate project schedules
• Ability to assist in the preparation of management plans and reports
o Ability to maintain correspondence suspense files, records, files for reports, operating procedures, internal memorandums, and compose correspondence
o Ability to compose technical documents including user's manuals, training materials, installation guides, proposals, and reports
• Ability to fully perform tasks requiring the collecting, compiling, evaluating and publishing of information and statistical data

Desired Qualifications:
Subcontractor personnel at all skill levels may have the following desired experience and skills:
• Ability to test and evaluate hardware and software to determine efficiency, reliability, and compatibility with existing systems
• Identifying measures or indicators of system performance and the actions needed to improve or correct performance, relative to the goals of the system
• Ability to work in a dynamic and challenging environment
• Ability to coordinate with engineers, systems analysts, programmers, technicians, scientist and top-level managers in the design, testing, and evaluation of systems

Clearance must be current and active. We cannot sponsor new clearances for this role.



Our benefits package includes:

  • Comprehensive Medical Benefits
  • Competitive Pay
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Training/Tuition
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Team Lunches
  • Leadership Incentives 


TPGS is a mission-oriented defense contracting firm with extensive experience in the intelligence community as well as with federal agencies and the Department of Defense. TPGS provides expertise in information technology, intelligence, cyber security, training and instruction, software engineering/application development, management support and more. We understand and value the unique needs of our government clients and industry partners, as well as the importance of completing projects on time and we work hard to not only meet, but exceed expectations. Our world-class culture operates with an unparalleled sense of urgency and continuously encourages and promotes individual and team success. No matter the project, our capability can be summarized by our motto: Rapid Response. Proven Talent. Exceptional Service. 

TPGS is an equal opportunity employer.


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